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Born on 23/05/1963, Joy's professional career as an actor has seen a noteworthy graph of super hit movies. He was internationally applauded in 1980's for his film "Chopper" and he also did attend the "Tasking Film Festival" in Russia for the same. Although he hails from a well-to-do family, went to a prestigious school Narendrapur Ramkrishna,he was always eager to do something for the poor that could better their conditions. In fact, he was well off with his role of a village lad in any given movie; some of the best instances being "Hirak Jayanti" and "Jibon Moron". Joy recounts in an interview with ABP Ananda that, the villagers' sufferance, illiteracy and lack of resources urged him to find some way to extend his help towards them. He had been all alone taking care of the distressed and needy people. For quite some time, he was looking for a political platform from where he could serve better the poverty-stricken people. He expresses his gratitude to the Bharatiya Janata Party for offering him his desired political platform.


He appreciates the way the "Modi Party" does not polarize the nation on any communal grounds. According to him, the only reason why he chose Bharatiya Janata Party is the ideals and values followed by Shri Narendra Modi and his followers. He has firm belief in the party's objective and hopes that it will bring about a political resurgence in the history of Indian Politics. Besides, he also foresees India's future to be bright, progressive, safe and substantial with the BJP government.

Reasons to Contest from Birbhum District:

Joy Banerjee is contesting for M.P.election 2014 from Birbhum district on behalf of BJP.

As an actor, Joy Banerjee had a special association with Birbhum. His movie "Hirak Jayanti" was shot in this district of West Bengal and he stayed there for a month. Joy had therefore, requested the BJP leader to give him a rural platform. The willingness to help the destitute has brought Joy to this rustic district of "Bangla bhumi" (Bengal's grounds)

He says that he has improvised himself from being an actor to a political actor.

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