BJP Candidate Joy Banerjee
Actor Joy Banerjee

Our Goal

Contesting on behalf of BJP, Joy Banerjee firmly supports the goals of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The foundation of the party is based on the social, cultural, religious and ethical values of the majority of India. The Party looks forward to implement ways to establish world peace. It wants to stand up rightly to what Abraham Lincoln had said on Democracy that is “the government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Birbhum is counted among the country’s 250 most backward districts. It receives funds from West Bengals’ Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). The chief objective of Joy is to bring about reforms in Birbhum district for its all round development. This district is mostly dependent upon agriculture, silk weaving and harvesting and also pottery manufacture. Joy looks forward to usher in more industries to turn this administrative unit of West Bengal into a strong wing of our Indian nation.


Joy places confidence in Cultural Nationalism which is BJP's conception of the Indian nation.

Development Plan

Following the footsteps of Shri Narendra Modi, Joy also wants to follow a full-proof development plan for the upliftment of the rural areas, especially Birbhum district.

  • Agriculture reforms
  • Rural infrastructure development
  • Healthcare
  • Children and women's emancipation
  • Inflation control
  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Higher Education and employment opportunities for the youth.
  • Water Supply
  • Roads, Power and Transport

Birbhum’s Future in Joy’s hands:

Since, India’s Partition in 1947 left a strong impact on Joy’s party, so he wants to see India as a united and well integrated nation. He thinks that when all small districts join, then only India can become a great world power.

If elected the Gujarat farm model will be implemented in the district of Birbhum.

So, vote for Joy and ring in the “Na Mo” magic.

Latest Meeting

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